Ann Voskamp says – and research backs her up – that the grateful person is happier, healthier, lives longer. Gratitude is the miracle cure-all the world needs to get its hands on. It can change attitudes, behaviours, emotions. It can change lives. Here I am, starting to feel the tug of the familiar downward spiral, the lure of negative thinking, the easy way out – when I could be rejoicing, thanking God for every good thing in my life. Hold my hand, someone. I’m going to try things  a little differently. It might not work out – that’s the risk, isn’t it? Always when trying something new, the risk that it won’t work out, that things will be worse of for trying. Deep breath: here goes.

I am grateful for…

  • A day spent in a peaceful environment, giving a favour
  • An impromptu catch-up with a much-loved family member
  • Work that comes trickling in, supports our wildly thrashing budget, helps us make our way
  • Sean’s good heart, his willingness to go above and beyond
  • Seeing the tail end of my sinus infection, knowing it’ll all be over soon

I’m distracted suddenly with the realisation that my cup is full of lemon bits… and I didn’t put them there. I am far from grateful for having been given a dirty cup, imperfections startling in clear liquid, floating through my sphere of vision. Stop, breath, start again.

I am grateful for…

  • The longevity and on-going good health of my dogs
  • The ways in which Bruce has become more pleasant to be around and interact with
  • Having fresh sheets put on my bed at last
  • My car, which has meant so many things for me
  • This beautiful weather – a welcome surprise after much rain and storming

I’m stuck for now. It’s been a quiet day. I’ve enjoyed it… and slowly slipped a little, again.

God help me to remain grateful, vigilant for things I can be grateful for. To be a true Christ follower.


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  • strawberryapplebee
    6 years ago

    Gratitude is something desperately needed around the place. With thankfulness, you can rise above almost any situation and see the awesome-ness in it and the blessings God has poured out in your life =) allow God to work in you, and gratitude and fruits will follow, rather than make an effort over the course of the day to be grateful, or to make an effort to write down stuff to be grateful for =)

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